Web Comics

I have always hound a lot of delight in web comics, I love how much variety is out there. Each has their own feel and area that they typically weigh in on. Looking at the link to flash comic on the webpage, I really enjoyed the discussion about messing with time in the medium. The manipulation of speed with panel placement and even how fast the reader chooses to click. I also really enjoyed the concept of layering panels one on top of each other, this is something I had not considered previously. Simon Hanselmann’s strip was interesting. The content wasn’t really something I was drawn to, but I did find sympathy in the owl character. I felt bad for him, and in someways a bit of connection with how he would try to better his friends or expand their minds and just be shut down for his troubles. The one I enjoyed the most was The Perry Bible Fellowship. I always see a lot of his strips around different website but I forget some of the times that they are the same strip because of how mu…

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